Everyone's trying to piece together the story behind Juice WRLD's shocking death that occurred on Sunday morning (Dec. 8). While it's known that he suffered a seizure in Chicago's Midway International Airport and passed away after his arrival at a hospital, the rest of the details are still murky. The results of the autopsy on Monday were inconclusive, so all the speculation that his death was drug-related has yet to be confirmed. 

However, reports are claiming that the 21-year-old rapper swallowed opioids before police searched his entourage's belongings after their private plane touched down. He had the seizure in the midst of the police inquiry. The police were apparently tipped about there being drugs and firearms on board and The New York Times confirmed that all these things were found in the search (70 pounds of marijuana in 41 vacuum-sealed bags; six bottles of liquid prescription codeine cough syrup; and three firearms). 

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

Suspicions that Juice WRLD's seizure was caused by an excessive intake of drugs are now being fueled by his ex-girlfriend, Alexia Smith. Smith, who dated Juice for the majority of 2018, told The Daily Mail that he would take up to three potent Percocet pills a day and mix the drugs with lean. She claimed that she tried to help him get clean, but he became aggressive due to withdrawal and she decided to leave him. Juice's heavy drug use was allegedly sparked by record labels that would supply him with drugs to win him over at the beginning of his career. However, his depression - which apparently stemmed from a variety of factors, including heartbreak and feeling misunderstood - also caused him to turn to drugs. "If you have family, girlfriend, money, you have the job that you want but you're still unhappy at that point, your brain isn't working properly and you need professional help," Smith said. "And he said that, he would tell me, ''I need help, I need help. I'm telling people I need help and nobody believes me.'"