Chicago rapper Juice WRLD passed away at the young age of twenty-one last year, breaking the hearts of so many hip-hop fans excited about his progress. During his short career, the superstar had impressed so many people with his freestyling skills, his melodic magic, and his electric performances. The late artist's record label has already confirmed that they will be releasing a posthumous body of work by him, and the first single has possibly just been previewed by Ally Lotti.

Juice WRLD and Ally Lotti had been dating for several months before the rapper suffered a fatal seizure because of a drug overdose in December 2019. She played a major part in his happiness, posting lovely photos of themselves on a regular basis. During a recent live-stream, Lotti teased the release of his first-ever posthumous record, which appears to be about her.

"Put your left hand in my right/I'm your best friend, you're my wife," rhymes Juice WRLD on the song before describing the tattoos on her chest. Hearing his voice is bittersweet, but it's clear that the fans are hungry for new music from the late star. Comments from the live-stream were begging Ally to drop the song. Surely, when it's mixed and mastered it will be out.

Listen below and let us know if you're feeling it.