Juice WRLD passed away at the young age of 21 due to a drug overdose. The recording artist was one of the most popular musicians in the world at the time, breaking the hearts of so many of his fans. His mother has taken control of his estate, establishing the Live Free 999 fund and sharing plenty of memories to social media.

This week, she went back to when Juice WRLD earned his first few dollars from performing, posing with a $100 bill and looking toward the future.

Juice WRLD
Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

"This was the first money Jarad made for performing," wrote Carmella Wallace, the rapper's mother, on Instagram. "I told him we needed to capture the moment. The pic was taken March 2017 and the rest is history!"

At the end of his career, Juice WRLD was likely earning thousands upon thousands of dollars for his performances. He started at the bottom though, clawing away until he reached rap's pinnacle. Unfortunately, his success didn't last as long as he had hoped as his issues with substance abuse signaled the end of his journey.

Juice WRLD's first posthumous album, The Outsiders, has been detailed by his girlfriend Ally Lotti. Look out for further announcements about the new album soon.

Long Live Juice WRLD.