As the days move forward, we naturally expect to hear more about the details surrounding Juice WRLD's untimely death. The 21-year-old rising star was thought to have a long career ahead of him, so when news broke on Sunday that he'd succumbed to a seizure, the hip hop world stood still from shock.

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Friends, fans, and fellow artists have offered their condolences, whether publicly or privately, and in the wake of his death, TMZ continues to share information they're receiving regarding the young rapper's death. First, the outlet claimed that members of Juice WRLD's entourage told authorities that the rapper ingested several pills to hide them for authorities. The publication, along with the Chicago Tribune, also made claims that investigators found a number of items on Juice WRLD's plane including 70 pounds of marijuana that are alleged to have belonged to members of his entourage, pills, three firearms that two people were arrested for, and codeine cough syrup.

Now, TMZ has issued another report stating that federal investigators have been looking into the rapper and his entourage for at least a month. They stated that in November, the group was making their way onto their private jet set for Australia when federal agents issued a search. They claimed their "law enforcement sources" shared with them that there were even drug-sniffing dogs on the scene, but the outlet didn't know if anything was located. However, TMZ stated that the pilot of Juice WRLD's Sunday flight reported the rapper's bodyguards after finding out they had guns.

As we've previously summarized, as Juice WRLD's flight landed in Chicago on Sunday, the rapper suffered convulsions before experiencing a cardiac arrest. His autopsy has been listed as "inconclusive" pending a full toxicology report.