It's becoming abundantly clear that Juicy J is not one to play games when it comes to his hustle. Not only did the Three 6 Mafia legend file a gargantuan lawsuit against the $UICIDEBOY$, with whom he worked on his impressive SHUTDAFUKUP mixtape, but now he's seemingly caught another offender in his radar. This time, it's none other than the fast-food chain Arbys, who seemingly thought to use unclear Three 6 Mafia music in one of their commercials.

Juicy J Arbys

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

In a series of since-deleted tweets, J opted to put the chain on watch with a stern warning. "Good morning!" he writes. "I just found out Arbys used a three 6 sample in a commercial with out clearing it hmmmmmmmmm. Some people don't understand my hustle when y'all sleep I'm up getting a bag mane no cappucino." Clearly, he's not one to play when it comes to unclear samples, and in all fairness, why wouldn't he want a piece of the pie -- especially when he's responsible for bringing a key ingredient?

To be fair, J deleted the tweets following a message from his lawyer, and though it would appear he's willing to resolve the situation, he did make it abundantly clear that no further nonsense will be tolerated. "My lawyer called said take down the tweet Arby's will figure it out," he writes, speaking volumes with a cheeky "money bag" emoji. Check out the tweets below, and sound off -- do you think Juicy J is one of the game's wisest hustlers? 

Image via Twitter