Tom Brady announced earlier today that he would not be returning to the New England Patriots despite giving the team 20 years of his life. Yes, that's right folks, the Patriots dynasty is finally over and we can all rejoice as the NFL will go back to some normalcy. That is until Bill Belichick winds up with yet another legendary quarterback. 

Brady has shocked numerous people throughout the sports world with this decision although many saw it coming. The dialogue between Belichick and Brady was growing tired and it was clear that they needed to move on from each other before things got worse. In light of all of this, Brady's favorite target, Julian Edelman, took to Twitter where he lamented about Brady's decision to leave New England, with just one word: Family.

Patriots fans are going to miss Brady throwing to Edelman next year as they were one of the elite QB/WR duos in the entire league. They won three Super Bowls together and were a major part of this 20-year dynasty. If Edelman could, we're sure he would follow Brady to wherever he goes next.

Stay tuned for updates regarding free agency as we will be sure to bring you the latest on Brady's decision.