All of the truth is finally starting to come out. In one of the strangest stories all year, Jussie Smollett has accused two men of attacking him because of his race and sexual orientation. The Empire actor filed a police report claiming that he was jumped in Chicago while he went to pick up a Subway sandwich, telling the cops that he had a noose tied around his neck and bleach poured over his skin. Videos and text messages have been made public in the last week, showing Smollett in his apartment untying the noose and now, his interactions with the Osundairo brothers, his alleged attackers, have come to the light.

Dominik Bindl/Getty Images

In a new report by Daily Mail, Jussie Smollett is said to have Google searched different variations of his name in the twelve days following the staged hate crime. When his computer was searched, the police found that he had been obsessively searching himself online, upwards of fifty times. The types of articles Smollett was looking for all pertain to the night of the attack. He was apparently curious as to how the media was covering the incident.

In the days preceding the staged hate crime, the actor also texted Abel Osundairo, one of his alleged attackers, offering him a massage and describing sexual acts that were being performed on him. After Abel turned down the massage, Smollett spoke in graphic detail about his masseur. "This n***a is handling life. Sucking my d*** and it’s all good and working!" he reportedly wrote, according to The Blast.

With all the information coming out about Smollett, how are you feeling about his case?

Chicago Police Department via Getty Images