At one point in time, Jussie Smollet was the topic of conversation nearly everywhere as people went from consoling the actor after his racist and homophobic attack to then questioning him and accusing him of staging it on himself. The Empire actor lost his job and acting roles and quickly dipped from the limelight as he battled a lawsuit from the city of Chicago who sued him as they believed they wasted the city's money and efforts on searching for a culprit. 

Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

However, Jussie isn't done with the ordeal just yet as TMZ reports that he's now suing the city for malicious prosecution. The 37-year-old claims the city created a false narrative of the attack (that he still claims was real) and it's cost him a lot. According to documents obtained by the publication, Jussie states how the Osundairo brothers (who were allegedly plaid to attack Jussie) were held by police for 47 hours and were only released if they played into the "staged' narrative. Jussie still claims his attacker was a white male. 

Jussie's lawsuit is going after the city of Chicago and a number of officials, the Osundairo brothers and even Eddie Johnson, the city's Police Superintendent.