American filmmaker Zack Snyder has been behind the new adaptation of DC’s Justice League since its inception, but has recently confirmed that the release will actually come as a film rather than in a mini-series format. The film, which has been dubbed “The Snyder Cut” will have an insane four-hour runtime according to Snyder, who confirmed this on Twitter on Sunday. 

At DC FanDome in August, Snyder broke down the structure of his production, which he said would be comprised of four parts that each lasted an hour. While he didn’t specifically say it would come out as a miniseries, fans assumed this meant the film would have a staggered release with the four parts coming at different times. 


Apparently, this is no longer the case, and the film’s release still does not have a definitive date. However, in December, Snyder did confirm that the film would premiere on HBO Max sometime in March. The streaming platform currently houses much of DC’s film catalog, and HBO Max is set to release some of DC’s larger upcoming movies for streaming through 2022. It is expected that Justice League will do the same, simultaneously premiering on streaming and in theaters in March. Since the film doesn’t seem to have any further roadblocks, we should expect a confirmed release date soon.