This weekend, Justin Bieber took to Twitter to drop a slew of receipts proving his innocence in a recent sexual assault allegation and, in doing so, accidentally revealed the secret identity he uses when traveling the world. On Saturday, a woman named Danielle accused the pop sensation of sexually assaulting her at a Four Seasons Hotel after meeting him at an event in Austin, TX in 2014. 

Justin Bieber
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

The "What Do You Mean?" singer blasted a series of tweets with receipts proving his whereabouts during the time of the alleged assault. One of the receipts included an invoice from the Westin hotel, which the singer explained he stayed at on the night the assault supposedly took place. “On march 10th selena left for work and I stayed at the Westin as the receipts clearly showed with my friends nick and john before I left town. Once again not at the four seasons,” the singer wrote, “We booked it for a couple days to stay for the defjam show but I bailed on the 11th to head back home.”

The hotel receipt revealed the singer’s alias as ‘Mike Lowery,’ a name the star likely uses when checking into hotels to avoid being recognized and remain low-key. Since the information has now been exposed, Bieber assured fans he would no longer be using the name. The 26-year-old tweeted, “I won’t be using mike lowery anymore as an alias."

Before the sexual assault allegations against him, the pop star previously made headlines when Young Money signee Lil Twist revealed he had taken weed charges for the singer during his rogue-days.