Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were seen over the weekend in Laguna Beach, lounging by the pool prior to Valentine's Day. The two pop stars recently rekindled their romance after a highly-public on-again, off-again relationship. As reported by TMZ, Selena will be in New York City on V-Day to debut her new collection with luxury brand Coach and Bieber may not join her to the East Coast. The pair decided to spend some quality time together in the sun at the Montage hotel to celebrate their romance and waste time together under an umbrella.

While not everyone is ecstatic about the two being back together, their respective fans are excited about the couple they have affectionately coined "Jelena." Spending some time by the water, Bieber and Gomez were captured on camera by TMZ before heading off for a walk.

Because of their respective statuses as two of the most famous celebrities in the world, their separate love lives have been extraordinarily public. Together, they are bound to receive even more attention than usual. As Valentine's Day nears, the couple decided to spend as much quality time as possible before their busy schedules and touring take effect.