Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have been dating publicly now for a couple months and, after sightings of Baldwin with an engagement ring, the couple's engagement was announced by Bieber, who posted a heartfelt and very religious message on his Instagram page, saying, "Hailey I am soooo in love with everything about you! So committed to spending my life getting to know every single part of you loving you patiently and kindLY." He was apparently "gonna wait a while to say anything but word travels fast." He goes on to proclaim his love for Baldwin and also for Jesus, who he wants, "through his Holy Spirit" to "guide us in everything we do and every decision we make."

The religious message is a bit of a surprise for such a high-profile celebrity, but there are reports that the message could be to appease Baldwin's father, Stephen Baldwin, who is a minister in New York. Bieber apparently had a conversation with Baldwin's father a few weeks ago, according to TMZ, in which he asked Stephen's permission to marry his daughter. The rumoured conversation is said to have been "very important" to Bieber and could be a source of his newly explicit religiosity.