We're all well aware of how religious Justin Bieber is with his weekly church visits and mentions of the holy power. Being that Easter long weekend is in a few days - which means that this week is the holiest of all weeks for Christians, Justin Bieber is showing his religious undertones by having compassion to those that are less fortunate then he is. 

New photos of the singer have surfaced that sees him posted up with two homeless individuals in Beverly Hills and Justin seems to be quite comfortable and involved in their conversation.  

Of course, this isn't the first time a celebrity has engaged with someone who may live on the streets, but have you really ever seen someone lay down and get this into the conversation?

Speaking of Justin, former SNL cast member Bill Hader and current cast member Jay Pharoah recently agreed that Biebs was the worst-behaved guest in the series. 

According to Bill, Justin was "in a bad place."

"Maybe he’s in a better place," he added. "But back then ... it was rough." 

Clearly, Justin's in a better place now.