Justin Bieber is maintaining the spirit of his music video for the Quavo-featured "Intentions" with his latest philanthropic move. In the visuals for the song, which dropped Friday, Justin and Quavo give back to those in need and highlight various hardships that plague the subjects of the video. This commitment to spreading awareness and doing good deeds was mirrored by Justin during a taping of MTV’s “Fresh Out Live" on Friday. After the music video premiered, Justin announced his donation of $100,000 to a local fan's mental health awareness cause.

The fan in question, Stockton University student Julie Coker, became an advocate for the university's chapter of the Active Minds organization, after getting diagnosed with depression herself. “I work for mental health now because of my own mental-health struggles in the past," she revealed. "It's important for us to talk about mental health because more than 50% of us will have a mental-health challenge in our lifetime.” She has helped screen about 5,000 students for depression, suicide risk, and eating disorders, and has participated in the #HugMore campaign.

Cindy Ord/Getty Images for MTV

Julie notes that Justin, who was the first artist she saw in concert at the age of 13, "has a big following, so if he has a good message about mental health, hopefully everybody else...will want to start thinking about mental health in a different way." Justin has been open about his struggles with mental health in the past, even cancelling the remainder of his “Purpose” world tour in July 2017 due to depression and exhaustion. Along with his donation to Julie's cause, Justin has partnered with Alexandria House, a transitional housing program that provides shelter and support for women and children in emergency situations. Justin and Quavo are shown saluting and supporting three women from Alexandria House in the "Intentions" video, and now Justin has set up an INTENTIONS fund of $200,000 to benefit the organization. The good deeds just keep on coming.