The internet is a wonderfully mystifying place to find oneself. In a time where information is available at our very fingertips in a matter of moments, it is easier than ever to discover truths that lie scattered across the world around us. On rare occasions, we may even stumble across facts or figures that radically alter our perception of the cosmos. For many, one photograph of Justin Bieber eating a burrito marked the occasion their very understanding of life was irreversibly transformed. 

The "I'll Show You" singer was recently spotted enjoying the Mexican dish on what appears to be a park bench. Rather than eating the burrito in the top-down fashion asked of him by convention, Bieber chose to hold the burrito sideways and proceeded to take a bite from it in a manner similar to which one would take a bite from an ear of corn. After the image appeared on Reddit and naturally became the subject of challenging, engaging and multifaceted discussion, it made its rounds through Twitter resulting in a number of hilarious posts. "Someone tell Justin Bieber that a burrito is not a harmonica," one user commented. Another mentioned being inspired by the picture writing, "My new Halloween costume is Justin Bieber eating a sideways burrito in the park."

Catch some more of the rib-tickling tweets below.