It appears that Snoop Dogg and Justin Bieber seem ready to resume their timeless friendship after it had become apparent Hailey Baldwin had unwittingly forced them into a binding position. It all happened so fast and under the most harmless of pretenses.

Snoop Dogg, several years Hailey's senior, shouted out the model over Instagram after he'd noticed her wearing a stylish Snoop-themed t-shirt. Unsubstantiated reports across the Web flirted with the idea that Bieber was actually bothered by the unsolicited press. And how you ask, did Bieber's jealous streak play out in real time?

Bieber jumped into the comment section of the very same post by writing, "That's My Girl," as if to convey some form of protectiveness. While Bieber's words were likely intended as a joke, rumors of discordance between the two celebrity figures still found a way to the surface. That's why Bieber has since gone out of his way to dispel rumors of a disagreement by dedicating an entire Instagram post to "Uncle Snoop."

The full Instagram musing actually reads, "Love you to pieces Unc snoop" thereby putting an end to all the rubbish speculation concerning the two. If you'll recall, Uncle Snoop was on hand for JB's celebrity roast, which is coincidentally viewed as somewhat of a turning point in the young man's life. No love lost, certainly not over a band t-shirt.