Clips of Justin Bieber doing regular things are circulating around the web. Social media is enamored with the images of the celebrity hanging out with folks in Los Angeles. Apparently, Bieber took to "the streets" after his car broke down. This mechanical issue might have been a simple excuse to hang out, considering his ability to call himself an Uber or a jet or whatever.

People were clearly enthralled with his presence. One of the guys filming his moment of proximity with the pop star straight up commands him to flaunt his vocal talent: "White boy, sing that sh*t." In another clip, a woman can be heard in the background expressing her self-awareness, lamenting, "I'm not even dressed!"

Justin was also eager to please and impress. He did end up singing for the cameras, and his impromptu performance was met with cheers. His athleticism was also on display when he hit the court to shoot some hoop. There are also clips of the "Sorry" singer doing pushups for wearing slippers in the hood. LOL.

Check out some highlights of the chilling below.

From the videos that were pieced together, it seems like everyone involved was having a good time. Still, some social media users think Biebervelli was being welcomed with hazing as if teasing is inherently unfriendly.