Justin Bieber is setting out to absolutely shatter the internet today, and it's all in support of his good friend Lil Dicky. Perhaps the pop star took the rapper's name a tad too literal because, this afternoon, he uploaded a picture of himself in his boxer briefs, shouting out LD in the revealing shot.

Today marks an important day in the career of comedic rapper Lil Dicky, who is premiering his brand new television program Dave on FX Network tonight. The show is set to follow the fictional rise of LD's rap career, featuring a number of famous artists that we all know and love. It will definitely be worth the watch this evening. Earning some extra promotion for his boy, Justin Bieber stripped down to his boxers, which are Dave-branded, and posted a very-revealing picture that will surely get the female audience tuned in tonight.

Lil Dicky Dave
Rachel Luna/Getty Images

"#DAVE premieres tonight on @fxxnetwork so I’m wearing my Dave underwear," wrote Biebs on Instagram. In just over 45 minutes, the photo has nearly received one million likes, which makes a lot of sense since, you know, it shows JB in his undies. Be prepared for the internet to completely blow up as a result of this.

Are you tuning in to Dave tonight?