Social media was buzzing this week over an absurd photo of what looked like Justin Bieber eating a burrito in a most awkward way. The photo was so sensational that it made national news. Some people thought the burrito action was revolutionary, claiming that most of the good stuff lies in the middle of the wrap, while others mocked the style. This situation has become even more bizarre. The photo itself was a staged prank and the Bieber wasn't real either.

The photo was planned by a youtube crew called Yes Theory, the same people who got Will Smith to jump into the Grand Canyon. They purposefully set out to "fool the internet" and documented their process. Compiled their footage of the scheme was uploaded to their Youtube channel today.

They enlisted a Justin Bieber lookalike for the job. Brad Sousa, a fellow Canadian, was dressed up in Bieber's LA stylings. The whole thing ended up being quite believable.

Wondering why this story ever hit the web in the first place was of concern for many. This update points to this discussion in terms of how people believe not only anything they read on the internet but also what they see. Enjoy the trolling, y'all, and stay woke.