Justin Vernon, better known in some circles as Bon Iver, has developed a reputation as one of "indie rock's" most respected and trusted songwriters. He has also made a relatively successful foray into the hip-hop game, earning a place in Kanye West's inner circle, contributing to tracks like "I'm In It," "Hold My Liquor," and "Monster." Vernon also collaborated with Travis Scott on Owl Pharoah track "Naked," after Travis called the singer one of the most influential artists. Therefore, it's safe to say that Vernon's repertoire speaks for itself, and his ear has earned him five Grammy nominations, and two wins; in 2011, Vernon took home Best Alternative Music Album and Best New Artist.

In the wake of the 60th annual Grammy Awards, Vernon had a few issues about the way it all went down. Granted, he's not the only one feeling as if the Bruno Mars Album Of The Year win was a questionable decision, but still - this is Bon Iver we're talking about, not exactly Joe Schmo. The 22, A Million singer took to Twitter to unleash a rant upon the masses, opening with what equates to a thesis statement: "The Grammies are for the music Industry. Music, itself, is for everywhere else and everyone else."

He goes on from there, expressing incredulity over Bruno Mars' big victory, as well as giving a bit of his own behind the scenes experience with the ceremony. Check out the complete rant below, which is actually pretty interesting, especially if you respect Vernon's opinion...as you should.