Justin Timberlake is back onstage after a long hiatus due to health issues. The singer had postponed multiple dates of his Man of the Woods tour and then officially halted the string of shows when he realized performing with a vocal injury was unsustainable. JT proudly announced his return via social media. He wished his fans a Happy New Year from the Capital One Arena in D.C.. 

The "Cry Me A River" crooner also shared some snippets of his rehearsal as well as photos of the actual show. His dance moves seem intact but the state of his vocals wasn't displayed in the content.

“My vocal cords are healing, but they are not all the way back to normal yet, so my doctors want me to continue to rest my voice,” the Hindsight author wrote on Instagram in December. “They have asked me to hold off on singing until next month. I’m really sorry, I want to be back on the stage and I am doing all I can to get there quickly. Thank you for understanding.”

He has recently opted out of performing at Coachella. “Justin’s tour schedule conflicted which is why he pulled out but he had wanted to do it and was excited about it,” said an insider.