In documents obtained by The Blast, Justine Skye detailed the abuse she faced while dating Sheck Wes in documents she filed for a restraining order. She explained that she's in constant fear of her life due to the abuse that she dealt with in the hands of Sheck Wes. The protective order that she previously obtained for the alleged domestic abuse that occurred last year is set to expire on Feb. 19th.

She claimed Wes head-butted her on July 26th, 2018 before violently shaking her and kicking down her down. She said she found out Sheck Wes was cheating on her while he was on a flight to L.A. so she packed up his stuff into boxes and bags for him to pick up when he landed. She claimed to have "calmly" asked Wes to claim his belongings while ending the relationship but he refused and got more aggressive. She said he "began to make quick punching motions toward my face, stopping his closed fists mere inches away to frighten me,” saying his behavior as seemed erratic. 

She then claimed that he “got very close to my face and ‘head butted’ me hard in the forehead.” She said she ran from the house afterward and claimed Sheck Wes yelled, “You know I’m gonna hurt you.” She said she called a mutual friend to come over to try to defuse the situation. 

The rapper allegedly began to destroy objects inside of the house and she snuck back into her home to hide. She said he threw her against a wall and pinned her. Afterward, Sheck Wes allegedly kicked down a door and spat in her face. 

She didn't call the police but filed a report for domestic battery later. She said that she didn't want to go to the police due to their public personas and said she was embarrassed. She claimed Wes label and team said they were going to "control him" while begging her to keep the matter private. 

She said that she doesn't feel safe being in public spaces especially after claiming Sheck Wes tried to stalk her and beat down her boyfriend. She said she has to hire private security now to do simple things such as going for walks or going to lunch. 

In the documents, she said, "I feel terrorized and cannot live my life anymore without looking over my shoulder. I need a restraining order to feel safe again.”