The accusations against Sheck Wes and his alleged domestic abuse of singer Justine Skye date back to last year. Although Skye willingly withheld some of the information pertaining to the alleged violence, including Sheck Wes's name, it didn't take long for social sleuths to put two and two together. Then yesterday, it was reported that Justine had essentially requested a restraining order against the "Mo Bamba" subject to an arbitrator's better judgment.

Just as soon as the general public learned of her request, The Blast is reporting that a decision has been rendered: all in Justine Skye's favor. In her original court injunction, she clarified her stance on the issue, after taking her restorative justice plan to the Breakfast Club after months of relative anonymity.

In the original court injunction, she states that Sheck Wes was behind an "elaborate plan to stalk me and viciously beat my boyfriend and our friends in front of me in public." The careful wording seems to have won her support of the arbitrator, because as The Blast just reported, Wes must be no less than 100 yards away from her at all times, until the next scheduled court hearing next month. Sheck Wes already lost an endorsement deal with Major League Soccer as a result of the accusations, and Skye's posting of incriminating video evidence.