K Michelle is known for her feisty attitude and her tendency to keep it real, her church-bell ringing vocal chops aside. Although her following has grown used to the singer's knack for expressing the outrageous, Michelle still manages to conjure up surprise. She recently revealed her sexual attraction to her fellow female artist, Dej Loaf. Oddly enough, this admission came within a response to a hateful comment posted on social media.

Dej Loaf

Dej Loaf - Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images 

The television personality uploaded an old picture of herself to show off a particular hairstyle. Her usual long tresses were swapped for a short and sleek cut. Her caption asked whether she should attempt to recreate the look in the future. Most of the commenters chimed in with positivity but one took aim at the singer by calling her a "wanna be Dej Loaf." The outspoken songstress served the pettiness right back while also giving Dej an unexpected compliment.

"I want to sleep with Dej Loaf not be her. She's beautiful. Now get off my page with negativity you expired rapper."

The commenter might not have noticed the long line of women who have rocked this type of haircut to iconic proportions. And K. Michelle seems to think that hate and sexual attraction are mutually exclusive. The exchange is slightly absurd, but some of her fans are glad for the extra bit of info.