So... who was that woman on K. Michelle's Instagram Live last night because, according to her fans, it definitely was not the world-famous singer.

People are going nuts on social media, trying to figure out what happened to K. Michelle after the singer hopped on Instagram Live, only to be bombarded with accusations that she's a clone or an impersonator. "All jokes aside. Who tf is this??" asked one fan, who got over 23,000 likes on the post. 

Some people have been sharing pictures of the star, showing side-by-side comparisons to "prove" that the woman on K's Live was not actually the singer. The 34-year-old has not addressed the online controversy, remaining quiet for the time being. 

Do you think that K. Michelle's clone made her grand debut on Instagram Live last night, or was her makeup-free look enough to get people as perplexed as ever before? Let us know.

Leon Bennett/Getty Images

In recent news pertaining to the artist, K. Michelle revealed on Clubhouse that she has an active lawsuit against rapper Maino for his comments about her feminine odor. K was also in the news because of her defensive stance on R. Kelly, her mentor. She claims that she trusted him for her entire career, and that she knows he could have helped her with her career if he were not locked up. Read more about that here.