After her latest selfies took the internet by surprise, K. Michelle has returned to talk about the reactions to her look. The award-winning singer dropped off a few stunning photos of herself rocking pink hair, but it wasn't her coif that caught attention. It didn't take long for people to draw comparisons to photos of the singer back in her Love & Hip Hop days long ago, and some people insisted that K. Michelle had undergone cosmetic surgery.

However, the singer took to Instagram Live to deny the allegations while accusing people of bullying. "Clearly it's me," she said in the video. "I've been this color forever. I've clearly been doing a TV show... I've been in the studio every day. I don't know possibly when I would have had time to get a facelift or—in two days when y'all have seen me already on live."

"Yeah, I have hair, I have makeup, lighting, people shooting and stuff for me," she continued. "Y'all are crazy. Do you see this is me? At first, I was just like, 'Oh, okay. Let me just ignore it or whatever 'cause that's just how people are.' But you're f*cking bullying somebody. What if somebody f*ckin' had problems? I'm the person trying to help people with plastic surgery. I haven't did nothing. I haven't did nothing to my face. Y'all should stop that."

"Why are you worried about my face, man? I'm feeling good. I'm looking good," said the singer. K. Michelle spoke about being harassed by strangers online regarding her reconstructive surgeries, as well, as she continued to double down on not altering her face. Check out the video below to hear K. Michelle defend herself and read through a few reactions.