K. Michelle has put aside her grudge with Meek Mill, although Nicki Minaj isn't getting off as easy. The Love & Hip-Hop star recently sat down with TMZ's Raquel Harper on her BET series Raq Rants, and she opened up about how she felt about the former rapping couple. Her initial issue comes from the song "Buy A Heart," which she was featured on before Meek replaced her with Nicki. The two were still together at the time, so it made sense from a marketing standpoint, but that's not how K. Michelle sees it. 

"No, and I never went to see him," K. Michelle states after Raq asks her if she put money on Meek's books while he was locked up. "The only reason I have 'Anybody want to buy a heart' is because you played me the record, to get my opinion, and then you didn't keep the record," she continued. So they gave me the record. Why do me like that? And you in jail?" K. Michelle then gets into her issues with Nicki Minaj. "She telling people to come take my Dreamchaser chain, and I wasn't even wearing it," she explains. "Did Nicki ever get the chain back?" inquires Raq. "Hell nah," responds K. Michelle with defiance.