K-Pop star Ailee was present at last weekend's Grammy awards and jumped to the opportunity to have her photo taken with Chris Brown, who attended the event with his five-year-old daughter Royalty. The cute selfie was added to Ailee's Instagram feed but didn't pull in sweet comments since users shook their heads at the fact that she boasted her encounter with someone who has a history of physical abuse. 

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Almost everyone is aware of Chris' past relationship with Rihanna that ended in 2009 when he assaulted her while she was a passenger in his car, leaving her with a battered and bruised face. We can't confirm what her first caption was but her "edit for the last time" clears up any confusion her followers have about her support of Chris. 

"When I said 'he WAS one of the artists I enjoyed listening to growing up and that's a fact that will never change.' i meant the fact that I enjoyed his music when I was younger will never change," she wrote. "The only thing on my mind was literally 'oh wow!! CB! I used to love his songs!' I DO NOT and WILL NOT support women, men, pet, animal or any other kinds of abusers and the ONLY reason I'm keeping this post up is to CLARIFY the reason I took this pic in the first place." 

Chris clearly saw her updated caption and simply commented: "CORNBALL."