The vice presidential debate may have concluded, but social media isn't finished discussing Mike Pence and Kamala Harris's showdown. For the VP hopefuls, their debate was in stark contrast to the over-talking, insult hurling presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden weeks ago. While Harris and Pence were, for the most part, respectful of each other's time, there were a few interruptive moments that captured the attention of viewing audiences.

Every answer is currently being scrutinized by reporters, political pundits, and everyday citizens. The vice-presidential candidates praised their presidential running mates as they were asked about the future of the economy, recovering from the pandemic, if Trump will succeed peacefully if he loses the election, the Breonna Taylor case, Trump's taxes, whether systematic racism exists, and much more. The Trump administration even reserved a seat for the late Tupac Shakur because Kamala Harris has vocalized that he's her favorite rapper, so this was already off to an awkward start.

As fact-checkers analyze Kamala Harris and Mike Pence, the public has stormed social media with their takeaways from the exchange. Some are straightforward while other responses are, well, geared to the amusement of the debate. Check out a few mixed reactions below and let us know if you tuned in to watch the vice presidential debate this evening.