Vogue magazine had the option of making Kamala Harris look like a professional boss or a cool mom-next door. They went with the latter. Tensions online are slowly rising after Vogue released their February cover, featuring the vice-president-elect. The cover features Harris in a black outfit rocking Chuck Taylor Converse. The issue here is that Harris' team and the Vogue team, including Anna Wintour, “mutually agreed upon" another cover.

A source told journalist Yashar Ali that this cover is also not what Harris’ team “expected.” The OG cover features Harris in a blue suit, looking much less casual. The OG cover looks much more presidential and victorious. It is being reported that Vogue is now planning to drop the OG cover digitally, however, the Converse picture is already printed on millions of hard copies.

The switch-up has angered fans of Harris, who claim Vogue is purposely trying to undermine her team. "Delete the chucks picture and change the cover to the blue suit MVP agreed to...this is disrespectful," wrote one Twitter user. The anger seemed to bounce around the social media universe as more and more people became annoyed at the mix-up.