Sports teams continue to show their support for causes that fight against police brutality and inequality, but many fans don't agree with the methods. Colin Kaepernick was blackballed from the NFL after he launched his kneeling campaign, and while the majority of the league opted to not bow alongside him during the National Anthem, nearly all players are now showing signs of solidarity. Ahead of today's (September 10) Kansas City Cheifs vs Houston Texans game, players from both teams linked arms for a moment of silence for social justice. Instead of stillness, they were met with loud booing from the stands before fans gave a roaring rendition of their "Tomahawk chop," a chant that has been deemed as racist and offensive by Indigenous Americans.

Kansas City Chiefs, NFL, Texans, Booing, Equality
Jamie Squire / Staff / Getty Images

The booed moment was captured by cameras and quickly shared throughout social media. The Chiefs have been asked to change their team name, much like the Washington Redskins who recently announced they'd dropped their moniker. However, supporters have argued that there is nothing wrong with the name "Chief" and people are becoming too sensitive because of today's social-political climate. 

Check out a few responses as well as a video clip from today's arm-linking moment below.