Tragedy has struck in Kansas City, Missouri. A shooter, or shooters, killed four people and injured five others after shooting up a bar in downtown Kansas City. According to CNN, the shooting took place at Tequila KC early Sunday morning. Police spokesman Thomas Tomasic spoke with CNN and said that police arrived on the scene to find four dead people inside the bar. Unfortunately, a description of the killer has yet to be released.

“We do not have a good enough description yet, to put anything out for a suspect, or suspects, we don’t even know how many,” stated Tomasic. The four dead victims were all Hispanic males, and the five people who were injured were taken to hospitals and are reportedly in stable condition. At least two people have been released from the hospital, police said. Authorities believe this was an isolated incident and "do not feel it's racially motivated," according to Tomasic. A preliminary investigation reveals that there was an earlier dispute at the bar that may have possibly led to the shooting. Police found handgun shell casings at the scene. Roughly 40 people were in the bar at the time of the shooting. "We don't feel that these suspects are going to go out and do this again," added Tomasic.