"Ima fix wolves," tweeted Kanye West shortly after his new album, The Life of Pablo, became available on TIDAL. Almost a month later, fans can now prepare to hear those fixins. 

The announcement comes two days after fans noticed that Kanye had quietly tweaked the TIDAL version (that which lives) of "Famous." Apparently Kanye has been working on "Wolves" for three weeks, and he's ready to see the new version go live today. 

And it doesn't seem that "Wolves" will be the final track to receive post-release alterations. Kanye is adamant that The Life of Pablo is a "living breathing changing creative expression," so the album that most fans are familiar with by now is not the final product. In its mutability, Kanye believes that The Life of Pablo is a true piece of contemporary art. 

Now, back to "Wolves," which has been heard in a few different iterations. The version heard on The Life of Pablo (for now...) features vocals from Frank Ocean and classical singer Caroline Shaw. The recent album version is without contributions from the track's "original" collaborators, Sia and Vic Mensa, who both joined Kanye on stage during SNL 40, in February 2015, when "Wolves" was heard and performed for the first time. 

Earlier this month, Cashmere Cat, one of a handful of producers behind "Wolves," revealed a potentially new version of "Wolves" via his Snapchat. This one had two more new features: Drake as well as Icelandic avant-garde icon Björk. 

As for the "Wolves" Kanye bestows upon TIDAL tonight, it's anyone's guess. Stay tuned.