Today is the one day per year that you should be expecting "fake news" stories from your favorite media outlets. After the tragic passing of Nipsey Hussle yesterday, we've decided to use today as somewhat of a memorial to the Los Angeles artist, sharing songs from his Victory Lap album and placing the project at the top of our featured mixtapes list. Of course, April Fool's Day is still in full swing elsewhere and one of the biggest hoaxes that is being reported on contains news that Kanye West is buying Dolly Parton's theme park in Tennessee. While it would be pretty cool to visit a Yeezywood amusement park, Dollywood is not going anywhere. As reported by a local Fox affiliate, it was all an April Fool's prank.

In an effort to troll their users, one website made an entire story up about Kanye West purchasing Dolly Parton's Dollywood for $130 million, renaming it Yeezywood. They wrote an elaborate story about the acquisition, including a fake tweet and quote from the Chicago rapper. "Yeezywood is going to be the most incredible theme park on the planet. Period. It’s going to be like Willy Wonka and Space Jam had a baby that was injected with raw plutonium. It’s going to be a religious experience. People will literally never sleep again after they leave. We’re going to burn Disney World to the ground," wrote one creative reporter pretending to be Kanye West.

At the end of the story, it states that all of the content within the article was a giant April Fool's Prank and that Kanye does not actually have any intentions of buying Dollywood. Hopefully, Kanye does open an amusement park one day because, let's face it, he would probably come up with something pretty cool.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images