As an established musician and fashion designer, Kanye West has a lot to be proud of. His family continues to grow and he's released several classic albums. His Yeezy line is being valued at much more than ever anticipated and he constantly innovates with simplistic designs and interesting runway displays. As much as his musings detract from his creative genius, he's also proven to be the king of artist merch. With Yeezus, Kanye started a trend where merchandise could be a source of additional income for artists around the world. It continued with The Life of Pablo and now Kids See Ghosts is getting its own branded gear.

Kanye West & Kid Cudi was one of the collaborations that fans have swooned over for years. Now that it's finally arrived and Kids See Ghosts lives in our playlists, the two major forces decided to roll out some merch to please the fans even further. The new pieces have been designed as puff prints on Yeezy garments, meaning that it will be some seriously high-quality artist merch. Most performers choose to print on Gildan but now that Ye has the resources to use his own materials, he fully intends on offering the best to his supporters. That explains the higher price points but the long sleeves, hoodies, and crewnecks in this collection are seriously dope. 

Each item references the November 11 concert at Camp Flog Gnaw, which featured plenty of highlights. Everybody is bound to have a different favorite. What are you feeling the most? Cop them here.