Yesterday, Kanye West announced to a group of students that he was moving back to Chicago and never leaving again. However, reports are now circling that he may have jumped the gun... again.

The last few weeks have proven that Kanye is not always the most reliable person when he's speaking. He tends to keep good intentions at heart but he often blurts whatever comes to his mind. When he announced that he had plans to teach several classes in Chi-City, both academic institutions denied that they have even reached out to him to be a professor at their schools. We're crossing our fingers that he keeps his word on the upcoming Yandhi album that is due to drop next week but it looks as though Yeezy may have fibbed again, leaving us a little perplexed.

According to Us Weekly, the artist and his wife Kim Kardashian will still be living in California full-time, keeping their Calabasas connections and staying close to Kim's family. The report reads, "Yes, they have bought a house in Chicago, where they will spend a lot of time. It’s extremely important to Kim that the children know where their father came from and to spend as much time there as possible." Chicago will be seen as a place the family can unwind and give Ye an opportunity to spend more time with his father. 

Although Pablo claimed that he would "never leave again," he likely didn't consider flying back and forth between Illinois and Cali.