You may recall Kim Kardashian and Kanye West spending years designing and building their dream home in Bel Air, only for them to sell the finished product to make over $8 million in profit. While they didn't spend too long in the home, billionaire Marina Acton swooped up the property back in October 2017. The Ukranian woman has not even lived in the mansion for a full year but she's already placed it back up for sale. While she states she is still very much in love with the home, she somehow needs something even larger to live in.

Currently expecting a child, Acton is looking in Miami or West Palm Beach for a home with 10,000 square feet more than the Bel Air joint. For anybody wondering, that's more than double the size of Kim and Kanye's old spot. There is not much furniture at all in the mansion and it looks a touch similar to Yeezy's low-income housing venture. With the property now up for sale, never-before-seen photos have been obtained by TMZ, showing us around the palace and all that it has to offer. Marina does not appear to have made many improvements to the spot, aside from accenting many of the walls with a fresh coat of white paint.

If anybody has a spare $18 million laying around, you now have a chance to live in a Kanye-designed house. Check out photos of the crib here.