Tekashi69 is grabbing his Tr3way Entertainment label and online retailer Fancy.com to host a clothing pop-up in New York tonight, marking his first venture in the fashion field. The "FEFE" rapper could really have no better person to be involved with since Kanye West made moves by advertising the event on Twitter. Ye tweeted out a public invite that is an iPhone screenshot with the pop-up details in the icons - clock app with the time, map app with the location, calendar app with the date and so on.   

Kanye's creative house DONDA came up with the unique invite and the clothing that will be at the event is simply based on Tek's unique style. Tekashi69 apparently has plans to do more with fashion and this event is just the waiting pool before he dives deeper. 

In other Tek news, he recently went to Mexico for the first time to meet his family. ""I never met my family before.... This was so crazyyyyyy .... My first time in Mexico[.] this shit broke my heart connecting with family I never seen before I’ve only spoken to," he wrote on Instagram. "Me being younger not understanding why my Mom left her country to make a better future for us. THIS right here hits home."