Joel Osteen and Kanye West are getting together today to speak about Christianity. West is slated to speak about his journey to become a devout Christian during the day service, then bring his famed Sunday Service to Osteen's church at night. The entire meet up has sparked heavy debates online. Osteen has a reputation of spectacle, and is widely regarded as more of a businessman than a spiritual leader. Many also call out Kanye for the same; there is an assumption that Mr. West's pious isn't genuine. The two men will share the stage in front of a packed crowd and attempt to cut through the turbulence to deliver a memorable show.

TMZ reports that Ticketmaster is giving out free tickets to the night service, which will feature Kanye West performing with a choir of roughly 120 people. Apparently, scalpers have been making a killing off the event as well though. Kanye's Sunday Service has become a nationwide event, with the polarizing rapper traveling from state to state to deliver his gospel for free. West has sworn off all secular music, and now performs several of his hits with edited lyrics and Christian values.  We will also be live-streaming the Sunday Service performance tonight.