It's clear that the Wests are a creative bunch, as further proven by Kim Kardashian's recent post about seven-year-old daughter North. The proud mother shared a photo of North's landscape portrait, a painting that soon became a trending topic. People attacked the little girl's work and accused Kim of faking her talents for views, causing the reality star to lash out at the public for criticizing her child.

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Scott Gries / Staff / Getty Images

As seen on Antiques Roadshow, a man came in possession of a large portfolio of Kanye's artwork that was completed sometime around 1995. The man on the show said that following Ye's mother's death, his husband somehow received the art as apart of the estate. According to Page Six, entrepreneur Vinoda Basnayake saw that episode of Antiques Roadshow and tracked down the owner of the artwork in order to purchase it for an undisclosed amount after signing a non-disclosure agreement.

We may not know how much Basnayake forked over for the pieces, but they were appraised on the show for somewhere around $16K to $23K. Watch Antiques Roadshow showcase some Ye's work and let us know how much you would pay to have these in your collection.