Kanye West was back at it with the paparazzi on Friday, but it’s not for what you might think. Known in the past for his short temper, and fist throwing anger with the camera crews, Kanye did the quite opposite yesterday when he broke up a fight between two photographers while arriving back at LAX.

Caught by TMZ, Kanye was being bombarded by the paparazzi, when two photographers ended turning on each other and starting throwing some blows. But rather than walking faster in the opposite direction, Kanye stepped in and broke the two guys up by giving one of them a hug in effort to calm everyone down.

In a good mood, Kanye later answered some questions from the paps as well. When asked if he’ll have a third child, Ye replied “perhaps” with a smile on his face. Then he was asked about Mark Zuckerberg, before commotion set in and it's a little tough to hear.

Watch Kanye hug it out with paps below.