Kanye West is a few weeks removed from Jesus Is King but Sunday Service continues on a weekly basis. He's been spreading the good word of the Lord with his choir across select cities in America but clearly, he's aiming to make it a bigger affair. The rapper is set to bring Sunday Service to Texas this weekend at Joel Osteen's church. Before then, he made a surprise visit to the county jail.

Brad Barket/Getty Images 

According to TMZ, Kanye West and his choir made a surprise visit to Harris County Jail in Houston earlier today. Much like the other Sunday Service events, this one was a surprise to everyone with the exception of a handful of people who were involved in putting it together. Kanye apparently stayed for a while and performed songs for the staff and security guards. 

This weekend, the rapper will be sitting down for a conversation with Joel Osteen at the Lakewood Church Service on Sunday before taking the stage for a performance. 

While many have celebrated Kanye's newfound service to God, others have suggested that this might not be what it seems. A few have suggested that this whole new era of Kanye West is very cult-like. Joe Rogan, for example, suggested that there are a few similarities between Kanye's Christian services and Scientology.