Yesterday, Hot 97 radio host Ebro Darden told his co-hosts that he had a 30-minute conversation with Kanye West where he revealed that he loved Donald Trump and defended himself amid backlash for his Candace Owens support. It was reported that Kanye had been signing his Saint Pablo Tour merchandise with "Trump," further aligning himself with a conservative audience. More Kanye madness ensued on "Ebro In The Morning" today when Ye called in for what has to be one of the most bizarre interviews ever conducted on the show. 

Kanye called Ebro and the call was put through to air live for Hot 97 listeners, with Ye asking, "Yo, are we on air?" before bombarding Ebro with a barrage of love. Continually answering every question with "I just called to say I love you," Ye did not offer much information at all, instead opting to keep their extended conversation for when the two meet up in person. Although his speech is unclear at times because of the cell phone signal, Laura Stylez and Peter Rosenberg visibly cringe during the uncomfortably long pauses Kanye takes. 

The rapper's moves have been incredibly mysterious since it was first reported that he was in Wyoming, cooking up new music with his crew. With the recent developments of his Trump love and this awkward phone call, what exactly is going on with Ye? One thing is for sure: enigmatic behavior from Kanye usually means that a fire album is on the way.