It's crazy to think of a timeline where people ridiculed Kanye West's fashion aspirations. Now, with the Yeezy brand being wildly popular among collectors, sneakerheads, and hypebeasts alike, Kanye's brand has achieved a certain level of gravitas. With every new release set to cause, at the very least, a respectable lineup of patient and dedicated die-hards, it stands to reason that Ye is enjoying the fruits of his labor. After all, he's always been about furthering his cause, and by extension, that of the culture at large. 

Therefore, it's no wonder he is officially celebrating the upcoming iPhone release, which happens to fall on the same day (this Friday) as his new sneaker launch. Sharing an article on the competing launches, Yeezy hinted at his sentiments with a slew of emojis, including spaceships, aliens, and purple hearts. "Apple and YZY  sounds about right," he writes, adding an apple emoji for clarification. 

Clearly, Kanye is feeling pretty good today. Not only did he put Nick Cannon and Drake in check for disrespecting his beloved, but he also shared a picture of a potential "Throne" reunion. Kanye fans, as they say, are eatin'. If you had to choose between new Yeezys or a new iPhone, which one are you getting?