Kanye West might still be trying to become the president of the United States but he's still cooking up in the lab. In the past few months of controversy, 'Ye's sprinkled in hints that he's working on new music. A sign of new music though with no timeline to expect it, he's continued to hint at the release of new music. He dropped snippets on the timeline, hinted at collaborations, and most recently, dropped off his latest miss, "Nah Nah Nah."

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

As many have expected some sort of new album to emerge out of his presidential campaign, Ye took a break from tweeting about SNL and Jaden Smith to give fans an update on who we might be able to expect on his next project. It turns out that he recently sent DaBaby a record that he's going to get back tonight. "Yoooooi it's Ye Thank you for everything bro," his text to DaBaby reads.

"Nah Thank you!... Been inspired. Still inspired!... Since graduation," DaBaby texted back before adding that he'd send back his verse for their song tonight.

It's unclear when or if the song will see a release date anytime soon. It's not really that much of a shock that DaBaby would be working with Kanye West. For one, they're both God-fearing men. Two, DaBaby nearly faced cancellation when he revealed that he'd be voting for Kanye West in the upcoming election. "Ima let y’all finish.... But you got me fucked up you think I ain’t voting for Ye," he tweeted along with the American flag. Maybe DaBaby's dropping a verse for Kanye's campaign song? Who knows, really. 

What do you think a Kanye West x DaBaby collab gonna sound like?