Kanye West's liberal fans have come out in spades, either in defense or in defiance of their idol. With his adherence to disparate views coming under review, he has done little to put out the fire. His most recent twitter rant brought us three undeniable talking points. The first layer of which describes his business acumen, the second his "inevitable" run as a political figure. Third, and most important to his regime of "free thinkers" is the importance he places on the next generation. Mentors such as Oprah and himself will inevitably move onto different pastures. In doing so, Kanye is holding it down for someone like Charlamagne tha God to inherit a seat at the table.

Kanye's endorsement of Charlamagne in the above tweet brings to light a secret meeting the two shared last week. Their meeting produced a memorable interview which will air on a future Breakfast Club broadcast. Jay-Z, Virgil Obloh, Obama, Donald Trump and his own mental health were discussed at some length. Kanye's pronouncement of disparate views although bothersome to his fans, illustrates the radical and innovative choices which have characterized his career to date, maybe on a level more profound than we can ever ascertain.