Kanye West promises not be outdone by hip hop conservatives on the air, or in telephone conversation. Ebro told his audience he had a 30-minute conversation with Kanye where he stressed the gravity of his actions. During the course of the call, Kanye admitted he admired Donald Trump and further elaborated on his support of Right-Wing pundit Candace Owens. After reaching a stalemate in conversation they swiftly went about their business, only to have Ebro later document the affair later on air. 

Kanye then responded by calling in to the show, confusing Ebro with "I love Yous" and promises they would hit it off in person. Ebro's skeptical ear was right to cast doubt over the sincerity of Kanye's angle. He then followed up his ploy by outing friend John Legend, before revisiting the Ebro smear campaign this afternoon, with the following message: "I'm going to drop a song with a verse that will bring Ebro the closure he's been seeking," on Twitter.

Kanye's tweet promises a new song called "Lift Yourself," likely aimed at people questioning his philosophical stand. The anticipation for new music has been contagious since we first heard of Kanye's retreat in Wyoming, and his subsequent album announcements. He even dropped some fire bars for TMZ's Harvey Levin on Thursday, during a sit down in Los Angeles. The hype-job is real. Look out for "Lift Yourself" in the not so distant future.