Kanye West has been spreading messages of love. After responding to Snoop Dogg's nasty comments about his wife Kim Kardashian with positivity, it seems like the entertainer is on a path of reconciliation thanks to his latest tweet concerning Jaden Smith.

The rapper shared a link to the young artist's "Icon" music video with an approving caption: "Still my favorite."

This endorsement comes months after Smith claimed he could no longer hang out with Kanye West amongst other prominent Hip Hop artists.

"[My relationship with Drake, Kanye, and Donald Glover has] really changed. I always felt like Little Homie before and that allowed me in all of their circles. But now that I’m on the charts next to them, I’m not really Little Homie anymore."

According to the "Icon" rapper, his musical success was at the root of their withdrawal.

"It’s more like, 'You can’t hang out with us anymore. We didn't know you were making an album this whole time. We thought you were just Little Homie giving us free water and shit. You’re not really cool with us anymore'"

Although Kanye is still bumping "Icon, " Jaden Smith's latest release is a Dagon Ball Z-inspired track called "GOKU," which dropped earlier this month.