While Kanye West has been causing plenty of heartache for some of his longtime devotees, including Questlove, it would appear he's also doling out some inspiration. The latest recipient of some Yeezy wisdom happens to be Adi Shankar, who you might recognize as the man who championed against The Simpsons' character Apu. Now, with voice actor Hank Azaria throwing his weight behind the Fix Apu movement, it appears we're in for a reality where the longstanding Kwik-E-Mart character may very well be written out of the show altogether. At the very least, a drastic character change is set to go down, and Kanye has somehow managed to find himself intertwined in the narrative.

Yeezy recently shared a couple of Shankar's links, which centered around the "Apu Screenwriting Challenge." In a video post, Shankar explains the nature of his contest, which opens up the floor to aspiring writers looking to get involved. Should you be interested in attempting to leave your mark in Simpsons' history, perhaps you should check it out for yourself. 

At one point, Shankar claims that Yeezy played a valuable role in helping him conceive the contest. "This idea came to fruition because of a question that Kanye asked me," says Shankar, "which was, what would I like to do about it? I realized something. We spend a lot of time fighting. We fight each other. We need to stop fighting and come together to find solutions."

Who knows. Perhaps Kanye is in the middle of preparing his own Simpsons spec script.