The "Vision 2020" campaign is in full force as Kanye West and his Birthday Party are amping up for the 2020 Election. It's reported that Ye has managed to take a firm grip on 2 percent of the Black voters nationwide and the rapper's campaign team is scrambling to make sure he's included on ballots throughout the United States. Unfortunately, Kanye West has run into difficulties as he has been denied in many states because of past due dates and allegations that signatures he's acquired aren't authentic. 

Kanye West, Wisconsin, 2020 Election
Kevork Djansezian / Stringer / Getty Images

On Thursday (August 20), TMZ reported that Kanye West ran into a roadblock once again on his path to becoming America's 46th president. According to the outlet, West has been removed from Wisconsin's ballot, and it's a double whammy for the hip hop mogul as he not only lives there on his palatial ranch, but it's known that Wisconsin is a swing state.

The rapper was voted off the ballot 5-1 because it's said that he didn't "file signatures and paperwork before the state's August 5 deadline." Kanye has accused the Wisconsin Democratic Party of attempting to sabotage his campaign by spying on him. This news follows the report that Illinois, Kanye's home state, has also refused to add him to their ballots, as well.